5 Tips Before Transferring in College


Everyone’s reason for transferring schools is different. Some don’t like being too far/close to home. Others are facing a financial burden and cannot afford to stay. Then you have those that simply want to change majors. Whatever your reason is, identify it and stick with it and make a change.Private-school-or-public-school-750x325

. 1.Identify why you want to transfer

Some will say that transferring schools is similar to running away from your problems. Although I beg to differ. Often times, in life we are forced to make tough decisions. Transferring schools is one of them; especially if you ultimately do not want to. Reason being is that transferring means change. Change of atmosphere; change of class; change of dynamic; change of motive; and change of cost. Changing something about your life is not as easy as the rest of the world makes it out to be. So if your adamant about making this change, then go for it!

2. Narrow down your list to 3 schools

Once you figure out why you want to transfer you need to identify where you want to go. Now this step may be easier for some than others. Maybe you have had your eye set on a school since your move-in day. While for others, any school is better than where you are now. One of the best ways to identify what school is best for you is see who has your major.

There will be tons of schools that offer your major nationwide. Narrowing down to three schools might seem a little bit more complicated. Although, there are multiple factors that play a part in this step. You want to base the given schools on location. Find schools that are close to home, or further away. Also, find the best schools that offer your major; look at their acceptance and retention rate. See if the schools offer certain clubs that you are interested in. This step will take the longest but it is important. You don’t want to end up repeating this cycle again next year.

3.Make sure all of your completed credits with transfer

I put this step first because this will impact the cost of future tuition. Every college has a different curriculum and specializes in something different. Whether you are transferring from private to public, or specialty to traditional, you want to make sure all, or most, of your completed course will pay off. No one wants to have to start completely over again and spend more money. Take the time to talk to an admissions advisor or the Transfer Academics department to see where you will stand once admitted into the institution.

4. Make sure the school choice is affordable

Making sure credits transfer properly has a great impact of cost of tuition, but there are other key factors as well. If you are transferring back home, often times you will receive more funding due to you being a resident. Although, if you still plan to stay out of state, then you might want to plan a little ahead of schedule. Complete the FAFSA as early as possible. This allows for you to get an idea of how much money you still need to come up with before you transfer.

Once you receive your financial aid package, or even before, fill out scholarships. There are so many scholarships that often go unused due to lack of applicants. These scholarships can be found on free scholarship sites. (FastWebUNCFTMCF,Scholarships) In the process of filling out scholarships, sit down with a parent, or guardian, and go over the numbers. Identify if the school of choice is the most feasible. Then create a plan to get it all done

5. Make the choice that is best for YOU!

Always do what is best for you. The only one living your life is YOU! Transferring is a tough decision within itself and only you know if you can handle it. If transferring is not within your heart then make a plan to stay. DO NOT transfer because of your friends, a lover, or even your parents. Now granite your parents might be the ones paying for your schooling but they are also there to support whatever decision your make. At this point in your life you are legally an adult. The only one who can make the decision for the change is you. Which ever route you choose to take, make sure it is something you will not later on regret.

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